Saturday, January 20, 2018


It would be churlish indeed not to congratulate the Government on the admission that their flagship one billion trees policy (or, to be more precise, their additional 500 million trees policy) is in crisis with only 5 million trees (at best) to be planted this year over and above that already planned for by the industry leaving a shortfall of 45 million.

If you were a cynical person you might think that having the Jones boy front the camera about the same time that St Jacinda announced she was pregnant was something more than a happy coincidence but far be it for me to make such an allegation.

So, what have we got?  An admission by Jones that 'they' are finding it a real challenge to find the necessary land.   "It costs about $8k to buy a hectare of land and I don't have the money to scream around buying land."   Add to that his admission that farmers are leery (of the project) and Maori often find it difficult to agree (on anything involving 'their' land) and the question  to be asked is just where are you going to plant the trees .... conservation estate nah ... Landcorp farmland ... possibly (but at a cost).

Throw into the mix that right now there are only 4 million seedlings available for purchase and then there's the little matter of Jacinda slapping down the proposal by Jones that the planting could be achieved by some sort of grand work-for-the-dole scheme designed to get his cuzzie bros of the couch and doing something useful and you've got the classic over-promise and under-delivery and Mr Jones is left holding the can for NZ First and looking stupid.

Today trees ... tomorrow/next week/month there's the little matter of the 10,000 'affordable' houses to explain away and, one thing for sure, Mr Twyford won't have the pregnancy card to play.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Herald Gets Something Right

One of the few accurate headlines in a long time may be found on the Herald website.

"Ardern: 'I didn't know what it was like to be PM without being nauseous'"

There is absolutely no doubt Ardern is the most nauseous prime Minister I can remember.

Mark The Date - Dec 9th, 2017

When Adolf predicted Ardern would step down as PM during 2018 and Peters would become PM.

Today one sees the first step in the process.  The dopey PM didn't have enough sense of responsibility to take thee pill while she held a high office to which she is grossly unsuited.

Just watch as the story unfolds.

Somehow, there will be serious 'dynamic implacashuns' during the pregnancy which will bring our heroine to conclude she must resign.

Peters will be appointed PM.

Just remember, you saw it first here, forty days and forty nights ago.


Trumps approval rating measured by FiveThirtyEight's poll of polls currently stands at 40.2%.

They compared this against every other post WW2 President one year into their respective presidencies.  The result ....

Truman 50%; Eisenhower 71.3%; Kennedy 79%; Johnson 74%; Nixon 60.2%; Ford 43.5%; Carter 55%; Reagan 48.9%; George HW Bush 78.3%; Clinton 54.8%; George W Bush 81.2% and Obama 50%.

I was a tad surprised that George W Bush pipped Kennedy for the highest rating.   Drill down into the data and 264 days into his presidency George W Bush scored an approval rating of 88.1%.   The nearest Kennedy got to that was 83% at day 105.    At the other end of the scale the lowest ever approval rating was scored by Ford at 34.8% at day 162.   Trump's lowest was 36.6% on 7 August last.  

One could argue that prior to Nixon polling was somewhat less sophisticated than it is today but certainly the results are an interesting snapshot in time. 

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Too Good To Miss

Stolen from Whaleoil


The crash can be spectacular and complete.

As CNN, along with MSNBC, (now there is a mentally deranged person in Rachel Maddow) and other once great networks, whose opposition to the election of Trump as POTUS is unrelenting,  now a year on from his victory over Clinton Foundation beneficiary, Hillary,   it is becoming only embarrassing. The handling of the "Annual Medical" conducted at Bethesda Military hospital  under the leadership of Ron Jackson who has held the same task for the last three presidents, by many in the media pack, borders on the very insanity the network clings to increasingly desperately to hang The President with..

Never pick a fight with someone who buys Ink by the Barrel is a well worn bit of parlance from US history of very powerful newspaper figures, albeit becoming increasingly irrelevant in the digital age.
The warning is now applied to one who buys data in bulk or creates  the controls a platform  to dispense it and some of those have power to match the Hearsts of a century ago.

William Randolph Hearst  was once a king pin of print media yet he lost most of his wealth and his publishing empire mainly because he backed losers.

Early example of backing the wrong horse arose from his almost hatred of everything British,  he opposed the  League of Nations,  he backed losing presidential candidates, was more than sympathetic to the rise of Nazi Germany, he then opposed perhaps the most popular modern US president Franklin D. Roosevelt.
His end times were a long way short of the great wealth that saw him astride the print media for decades.

I guess my choice to include Fox News in my infotainment diet that has snowflakes so derisive, may just be a better informed choice than those who include so much of the kindergarten efforts in the NZ sandpit by what passes for media here.
The current machinations around whos who in TV ones stable is of very little concern, Hayley Holt who only a few short months ago was a flagship Melon candidate  is headed for a "prime" slot with Vunder Kid Tame merely brings a "so what". Who will watch it to be informed amongst the thousands who will be seduced by her undoubted talents in "Infotainment".

Yes I still hanker for the days when erudite commentators and editorialists opined without ever divulging their personal political stance, they dealt in analysis and backgrounding.
Watching Brian Edwards in his prime before he joined the socialists to make a difference, he seemed to be searching for answers from  any politician across the spectrum.

Today the electronic media options have largely negated the once awesome power of newspapers but the fawning obsessive behaviour of modern journalist impersonators is merely light entertainment yet sadly democracy demands that all citizens who might get direction from the vacuous, get to exercise their inalienable right to vote.
Hence we have a PM chosen by a well past his use by date dinosaur, local councils governed by people who would struggle to run the affairs of a scout troupe, and a politicised public service that once held a principle of neutrality, sacrosanct.

A word of warning to CNN, the light at the end of the tunnel is more likely an oncoming train.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


President trump had his appointment with the military MD, Vice Admiral Jackson who then did over an hour long stand up where the infantile media that have been shilling to have POTUS disqualified because he is mentally deficient asked some really pathetic questions.
Leaves the question how would the Whitehouse press corp done, they revealed a big deficit on intelligence and health.

Well the news is he is clinically obese, he eats too much junk food, watches too much device delivered information, has a medication for cholesterol and possible hypertension, is cardicaly sound, has his own teeth, and in the opinion of Admiral Jackson who also had the job with George W Bush and Obama, Trump will on current indications be more than capable to run again for a second term.

Oh and as an add-on Trump requested a Cognisance assessment using the MoCA test an industry standard that designates any score over 26/30 as normal.
President Trump scored a 30/30.
  • Trump underwent the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (or, MoCA)
  • It is a 10-minute, one-page test which was designed in 1996, and is now the industry standard
  • The test assesses concentration, attention, memory, language, calculations, orientation, executive functions and visual skills
  • The president scored 30/30

  • Someone else will give the WAPO/ Clinton News Network take I have nasal hair to remove.
    I will guess they will say he had cheat notes or a stand in.

    Tuesday, January 16, 2018

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    I see there's a bit of a hoohaa in the UK because the NHS is treating people according to their registered gender. 

    That means if a person is registered as female, invitations and reminders for mammograms and smear tests will be issued.  However, these invitations and reminders will not be issued to those who are registered as male.    Well that's pretty sensible, you might think.  But the LGBT gang is kicking up bobsy dye.    'What about all the gals who think they're guys?'

    Well what about them? I say.  Let them count themselves fortunate they'll all receive complementary prostate tests.


    The rules governing electoral spending in New Zealand are fairly robust.    In the three months prior to the 2017 election individual candidates were limited to $26k (GST inclusive)) in the amount they could spend on their campaign.   Parties too were limited in the amount of broadcasting time they got determined by the Electoral Commission from funds appropriated by Parliament for the purpose (in 2017 the amount was $4.176m) and are capped in the amount they can spend in contesting the party vote ($1.1m ).   The amount spent by third parties in promoting political parties/candidates is also regulated.

    Not so in the land of the free.   Unlimited money dominates the electoral process. PACs (Political Action Committees) and now Super PACs dominate with open ended cheque books.   I well remember visiting the office of a Congressman over a decade ago.    You will know that Congressional elections are held every two years with all seats up for grabs.   I was drawn to a bar chart in the office of the Congressman's Chief of Staff.    Short story ... the chart detailed progress in the $10,000 he needed to accumulate each and every week in the period up to the next election as a minimum to running his next campaign.   Two staff members were assigned that task full-time.

    I suspect right now the number is close to $25,000 per week.    You can rightly ask is that 'healthy' politics.   What deals are done; what favours ensue from that kind of money.    It matters not Republican or Democrat ... they're both at it although it appears the Democrats hold the edge in both fundraising and spending.

    And now the news that Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, hero to some, traitor to many, sentenced to 35 years imprisonment for leaking classified material during her service with the military as an intelligence analyst  (with 'her' sentence commuted by Obama in one of his last actions as President) is to run for the US Senate as a Democrat.    Great advert for that Party not but, given that state of politics in the land of the free, you would have to think 'she' was in with a chance.

    Do They Read What They Write?

    Adolf scans the job ads each day for a part time job.   Today there was some unintentional humor.

    Here's a section from a job description:-

    ".......The duties directly relating to your position will be nominated in mutual agreement with yourself and the Leadership team and may look different on a weekly basis. ....."


    We don't have a ****ing clue what we really want you to do.

    Monday, January 15, 2018


    But the furor over his alleged descriptive of certain African failed countries as "Arsehole" states is hardly a hanging offence ... undiplomatic, perhaps, but true nevertheless      What other way would you describe the likes of Somalia, Chad, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Take Somalia where the rule of law simply does not exist; where pirates ply the coast while radical Islamist militias roam the streets of Mogadishu unchecked. 

    And if it weren't true why the hundreds of thousands of refugees trying for a better life in anywhere but their native country.

    Nah, the snowflake St Jacinda's of this world need to take their heads out of the sand and recognise the reality for what it is instead of pretending it's all a big lie. 

    Goodbye Google

    Readers will be aware a number of major tech companies e g Google, Facebook, Twitter have moved towards what can only be called political censorship, whereby conservative comments are blocked and conservative sites harassed.

    The latest episode concerning Google has prompted a potentially damaging action from an employee who was fired for expressing quite mild views which did not comply with the PC leftist group-think of the corporation.

    Adolf is grateful for a commenter at Bloomberg who provided detail of an alternative search engine,

    Adolf will not be returning to Google nor does he use Facebook or Twitter.

    Sunday, January 14, 2018

    Delightful Interlude

    Below, for your sheer enjoyment is one of my favorite pieces of music.  It was played some years ago in our church during the offertory by an elderly retired concert pianist.

    Still brings a tear to the eye as I remember this gorgeous, elegant and sophisticated lady of talent.

    Here it is.  Arabesque by Robert Schumann.

    First Hot Day of the Year

    Forty degrees Celsius at 1430 hrs and Adolf has just enjoyed his third swim of the day.

    The pool is heated by way of a large roof top solar unit with a complicated control unit.   Current water temperature is a refreshing 30 degrees.

    I find it quite unpleasant even in the shade, so I'm inside wrapping myself around an ice cold beer while the aircon maintains a civilized 23 degrees.

    I wonder how everyone is getting on in that South Pacific ****hole?


    Kiwiblog has a handy little counter which tells you how many trees had to be planted by now were the Jones/Ardern government to fulfill their promise of planting a billion new trees a year.     As it stands right now the total stands at 204.5 million increasing by 2 trees per second.

    I guess the 'out' for this mob of losers is that 'they' didn't specify a start year nor did they come clean that their total includes all the trees normally planted by the industry.

    But it was instructive that Jones was slapped down by Ardern when he suggested the planing would be done by his cussie bros in some sort of grand 'work-for-the-dole' scheme.    Tree planting is seasonal and hard work with a high attrition rate if they are not planted properly.    Does anyone really think the Jones' boy cussie bros are willing and capable of such work.  

    Hat tip ... ask any Forester up here in Northland why much of their workforce is imported Island labour.  

    Ho Ho Ho

    Sore losers

    The leading commentator of our country's sizable Grumpy Old White Man demographic, Karl Du Fresne, has some thoughts on what's wrong with our MMP electoral system.  Apparently, the problem is that MMP is different from the FPP electoral system we used to have, which had (to Karl's mind) the awesome feature that it was easily capable of returning National to power with a minority of the vote.

    There are various things about MMP you could describe as problems, but I wouldn't have listed "fails to make National the government when they get a minority of the vote" as one of them.  Karl disagrees:

    For the first time since New Zealand adopted the MMP system in 1993, the party that won the biggest share of the vote didn't form the government.

    Many insist, bizarrely, that this is an example of MMP working exactly as intended, but I would argue that it points to a gaping void in our constitutional arrangements...

    In a proper rules-based democracy, this whole process would surely have been controlled by the head of state – or in our case, her representative, the governor-general.

    There are two horrendous pieces of foolishness in there:

    1. Let's suppose a rule were to be built into MMP that the largest party gets to form the government.  The pretty obvious effect would be that any voter who didn't want a National government would have to vote Labour, and vice versa.  Voting for any other party would be a waste of your vote.  If that sounds familiar, it's because that's what happened under FPP, and is the reason the country voted to get rid of FPP.  The point of MMP is that your vote should count even if you don't vote for a major party - Karl may not like that, but it's not "bizarre," it's a deliberate feature that the country voted to have.

    2. There is no gaping void in our constitutional arrangements.  Just like under FPP, the government is formed by the party or parties that can command the confidence of the House.  What Karl is proposing is a wholesale butchering of our constitution via the removal of that definition of government and its replacement with government by the largest party, as overseen by the Governor General.  Now, that is "bizarre."

    What this grumpy-old-man wailing is really all about is being a sore loser.  They try to dress it up in fancy clothes of one kind or another, but none of it disguises the sore loser underneath.


    The hard left socialist,  ex Green MP Keith Locke has come out swinging over the hypocricy his successors will exhibit should they line up with the "Preserve Peters Trough bill" currently being highlighted by both Farrar and Slater on their respective blogs.
    Strangely a quick scan of current offerings on The Standard where Locke contributes, a big nothing.

    As pointed out by the spawn of Elsie and Jack, any political support for the PPTB piddles on the grave of Rod Donald when he was decrying similar threats from the pinstriped dwarf years ago when he, St Rod,  postulated that the then offering would have had the emergence of the once were warriors Greens stopped in its tracks when they left The Troughmaster General's old banger, The Alliance Party.

    It really is a two fingere salute to the concience of any MP who might feeel motovated to oppose what they might genuinely see as a  wayward party hierachy. A salient point even the stalinist leaning Locke sees as wrong.
    Now that is a real "GEE" who saw that coming.


    Farrar has a take on the real reason behind the desire for the lifeboat protection bill that the COL will pass to prevent any Winston First MP acting against their supreme leader.
    A list of eighteen MPs who the other little man has seen his political relationship with, crash and burn.

    In his post Farrar alludes to the many National MPs who could take his paranoid behaviour, no longer and forced him out of their tent, saying only around four still remain in contact.
    That list could be as revealing as the subsequent eighteen of his new 'bestys'  now elevated to non-person status.

    Farrar also suggests that the list is around a fifty percent attrition rate, imeho it is rather redundant to suggest that as a factor as his followers fall into two categories, those who have been kneecapped and those still to get a DCM.

    Mark (yes another one) Patterson is one currently safe whose profile and reported public views on the NZ body politic seems a rather fragile connect to the 'my way or the highway'  leadership style of the diminutive master manipulator. On the other hand in the total dearth of investigative reporting  and socialist leanings of the pretenders, Patterson was a failed candidate in the scramble to replace English as Clutha MP won by the now destroyed Todd Barclay and who knows what really went down in his "ides of March" but suffice to say his Gore Electorate office supremo also became a new recruit for the WRPF party.
    So how long can Patterson stomach the nonsense that the CoL is delivering.

    One might wonder how anyone could defend the very dodgy treatment dished out to #16 on Farrar's list who  got his  DCM on the basis of wildly exagerated publicity around a family feud over the estate of his mum, later discredited after official investigation.

    I wonder if the GP person charged with scrutinising the right of center blogs will flag the content of Farrar's post and its dangers for their tenuous position at the door of the Winston First Tepee. Paranoia may not be entirely contagious but some mud can contain other life threatening organisms and when it sticks, who knows.

    Saturday, January 13, 2018


    for posing this question but those with a more balanced view of life will understand my concern ...

    Why would NZ Cricket deem it necessary to fly the flag of the 'United Tribes of New Zealand' along with the 'Rainbow' LGBT Pride flag alongside the NZ Ensign and the national flag of Pakistan at the third ODI being played at the University Oval in Dunedin. 

    Someone trying to make a point ... what point?

    Friday, January 12, 2018


    See here     You can argue the toss as to whether they are Bogans or Ferals.    For me just plain arseholes will do just fine.

    Nuff said.

    You'd Think God Had Died.........

    ......... if you read the politics page of today's on line Herald.

    No less than seven stories about the late Jim Anderton.   No wonder I've gone off NZ politics.

    As far as I'm concerned he was a political deadbeat whose only claims to fame were to foist onto NZers an unnecessary loss making state owned bank and to instruct Helen Clark to get married if she wanted to be PM.

    The absolute nadir of his political career came late in the piece when he tried to appropriate a Christchurch property belonging to the Anglican Church.


    DOC and their well intentioned if sometimes deluded staff manage to demonstrate the need again.

    In the news drought that accompanies the NZ one month 'shutdown' came an advisory from the forlornly deficient government bureaucracy that struggles to manage the ever growing estate of our public lands.

    "Don't cast redundant 'christmas trees' on roadsides, take them to a refuse station" was the publicised fervent wail, they could exacerbate the "Wilding Pine" invasion of the DOC estate.

    Wilding Pine is an encompassing collective for several species of pine trees that have invaded large areas of public lands much of what are somewhat emotively classed as Iconic. These noxious weeds have also invaded equally large areas of expansive private lands that by very nature produce a low return per hectare and hence have a very low chance of being able to sustainably combat such inundation.

    Contorta, Radiata, Larch, Douglas Fir,  Ponderosa, Corsican are included in the umbrella term and threaten to overwhelm tussock lands in a very short time to create a sterile habitat that has an accompanying serious fire hazard.
    Much of infestation comes from wind blown seeds from state forest plantation onto adjoining land.
    From the beautiful spa township of Hanmer Springs the surrounding hillsides are clear and present evidence of such invasive activity. Should one take a moment to look East from Hanmer, the Amuri
    Range rises from the Hanmer River and there is one area sans Pine trees. That is my turangawaewae and it is a few thousand acres that succeeding occupiers have spent time money and effort to resist the invasion that came from the old Hanmer state forest on storm winds and established unchecked on the surrounding lands.

    The Mckenzie Basin and Upper Clutha are similarly under threat but getting any government support for what was in reality a problem their predecessors had created has been fraught.
    Some in DOC have woken up but the Xmas tree inanity only reveals an almost total dearth of understanding.
    A seedling wilding pine needs to reach sexual maturity before it will create viable seed and I have never seen a Christmas tree yet that has reached what in nature is around one and a half decades in age and an ability to cone. So disposal that avoids what can be a salutary cost is reasonably "green" in that decay will be the only endgame for a tree that is in almost every case is only four or five years old.
    Doc needs to recognise the by far greatest threat of wilding pine invasion will come from idjits planting plantations in an inappropriate location.
    One such example has come to my notice where some deluded souls decades ago, planted trees in the Cragieburn range to replicate North American Skiing amongst the trees, and as educated people they should have known better.


    Weeks ago a Sri Lanka couple lawfully working in Queenstown faced deportation after Mrs SR. was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a degenerative neurological affliction that currently has no cure but will incur costs both medical as in drugs and physical as in hardware - handrails wheelchair etc downstream.

    Recent days has another family, from The Republic of South Africa this time, living and working in Dunedin with two teenage boys, the older at uni but alas the younger facing renal problems that could require a kidney transplant, are also facing deportation.

    Meanwhile on another planet resides a fairy dust purveyor who wants to bring into this caring and welcoming nation hundreds of young men who are at present enjoying very comfortable facilities on a PNG offshore island after being tumbled trying to enter Australia as illegal immigrants by paying people smugglers thousands of USD.
    Many if not every one of these well proven antisocial "men"  have criminal and behavioural tendencies that will incur massive downstream costs and very likely abysmal failure to assimilate as citizens of this nation. A very necessary facet for intending "new" arrivals, apparently successfully accomplished by Mr and Mrs SL with their children and Mr and Mrs SA and family, who are to be given the arse card.

    In recent memory another immigrant refugee, this one from Somalia, boarded a small commercial aircraft at Blenheim airport bound for CHC, then somewhere en route attempted to hijack the plane to fly her and her unwilling fellow passengers across the Tasman sea.
    I understand that deranged woman is still incurring costs as she remains in this country on welfare and likely incurring mental health issue costs along the way.

    Maybe someone smarter than moi can make sense of what seems to me to be total idiot grade nonsense from immigration NZ?
    Minister Lees Galloway, now that's a hard one,  his first job will be assessing the secretarial pool for talent if my sources are to be believed, while Wallace  and Gromit recover from the gnashing and wailing over the passing of a former 'Trughmaster General'.

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    Thursday, January 11, 2018

    Bogans or Ferals?

    That is the question.

    What's the difference between a Bogan and a Feral?

    Today Adolf sat for twenty minutes outside Coles waiting for The Cook and No 2 grandson to complete their shopping.  Watching the people go by I couldn't help notice a marked difference between the passers by in this part of Western Australia and those in South Australia who I observed for seven years.

    In the northern suburbs of Adelaide one saw a large number of fat slobs with their obscenely fat offspring tagging along, carting their shopping trolleys, overloaded with potato crisps, sausage rolls  and 2l bottles of Coke out to the car park.  There were plenty of grotesque tattoos and loud raucus voices.

    Today, I saw only one such creature, with his dacks hanging off his arse, loudly conversing with what passed for a female in the cultured vernacular in which every second word is 'fuck or fuckin'.'

    So I wondered whether this fellow was a Bogan or a Feral.

    The Cook opined later that Bogans are up market Ferals.    Does that mean Ferals with Gucci handbags?

    What do you think?


    Only days after the Princess appointed Minister of Primary Production declares two areas of his electorate to be in "drought", the fairy dust delivers flooding.

    Hokitika reports a rainfall of 40 mm an hour.  Now that is a great example of "lets do this'.

    Streets flooding in Greymouth, at least it might reveal that actions have consequences, I guess.

    Wednesday, January 10, 2018


    Here's mine ......

    #1     Females with big tattoos on display.

    #2     Males who wear short sox with sandles

    #3     Warm beer (with apologies to Egbut who tried to educate me).

    #4     BBQs where the gas bottle runs out 2/3 way through.

    #5      Demagogues from both sides of the political divide.

    #6      Waitresses (and Chefs) who try to talk me out of my order for a steak done blue.

    #7      Chardonnay.

    #8      When the poached egg on your ceasar salad ain't runnie and the promised anchovies remain just that. 

    #9      When you go to fill up the car and petrol that was $1.89.9c/ltr yesterday is now $1.95.9c/ltr.

    #10    When you car Navman decides to take you on a mystery tour. 

    #11    When you do a very good lag putt and you don't mark it because it's so close to the hole and you steam right ahead and play it out of sequence and you miss.

    #12    When Mrs Veteran dings the new car.

    And yours??????????



    Mrs Veteran is a lovely lady except when she sits in the passenger seat of our car.    I like to drive at 100; she prefers 90 (and tells me constantly).    When I have the windscreen wipers on intermittent she inevitably suggests I should have them on full.     I like the air- conditioning on; she prefers it off. 

    She is forever reminding me that she has done a defensive driving course and perhaps I ought to do one too.

    And so it was that yesterday that a very chastened SWMBO came home and let go with the news that she had hit another car while reversing out of her carpark space in Paihia central.

    We had a very quiet drive to the panel-beaters in Kerikeri this morning.    Not a word spoken about my driving ability in fact not much speaking at all.