Saturday, July 22, 2017


I get real pleasure watching The Open played as it is on a 'links' course where the rough is real rough, bunkers are bunkers and the greens undulating and tricky.   Throw the UK 'summer' weather into the mix and you see golf at its best.   Not for me the wide, perfectly groomed fairways, you see on the PGA tour.   The crowds too are respectful and knowledgeable ... unlike some others.

Mrs Veteran thinks I'm crazy staying up all night.   For myself I find it enjoyable being crazy.

Go Zach Johnson ... a completely underrated two times Major champion.   His 66 yesterday in the conditions was magic.


The 'lefts' total inability to let go their KDS was demonstrated yet again this week by the no-name Greens MP who dumped on Key following his investiture as Companion of the Order of Australia with the retort that it was probably pay back for him in keeping 'stum' over the inability of New Zealanders resident in OZ to access the full range of benefits available to Australian citizens.

Give me strength.   It was the 'left' led by Helen Clarke as Prime Minister who rolled over when the Oz government changed the rules back in 2002 and over the next six years did zip, zero, nothing to challenge their decision while it was the 'right' led by John Key who lobbied quietly behind the scenes for changes which saw the Oz government announce last year a change to the policy whereby New Zealanders holding Special Category visas and earning a minimum of AUD53,000 for five years would be eligible to apply for citizenship.   

Get over it people.   Key is better than you can ever aspire to be and yes, I can understand your hurt that someone from the wrong side of the tracks should turn his back on socialism as a pathway to success but you don't really need to airbrush history in order to give effect to your KDS.


In the UK Labour has now pulled ahead of the Conservatives 45% vs 40%.    Theresa May is a 'dead man walking' (excuse the pun) following on from her disastrous election campaign where she thought all 'they' needed to do was to turn up.    No vision, no plan, no real glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.    A wooden performance and she paid the price of Tory arrogance.

My prediction is that unless the Tory's dump May and come up with a leader who can connect with the electorate then they will be handing the keys of Number 10 to Jeremy Corbyn on a platter.

And same with back here with the Greens.   The Gucci girl has inflicted serious damage on their brand following her attempt to martyr herself as a benefit fraudster in a particularly cavalier way.      You sense the few rushing to defend her are having to swallow a huge dead rat.   She is bereft of all moral authority and no Party can afford to go into an election led by a political corpse.  My prediction is that unless the Greens ditch her their poll ratings will stall and drop and they will bleed support right, left and centre.

For the good of their respective parties May and Turei should go and go now.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Two political polls

The Veteran has two political polls for our readers.  The poll is open until 5pm Friday, based on my arbitrary decision - this post will stay at the top of the blog until then.

How likely is it that President Trump will end 2017 still in office?

In your opinion has the world standing of the United States been enhanced by President Trump's assumption of power?

The Slaughter of the Loons

I'm still choking on my Nutrigrain after reading the following in The Australian concerning the revolving door which is Greens parliamentary membership.  (Readers will recall the Greens lost both deputy co-leaders last week because of their respective failures to realise their citizenship disbarred them from the parliament.)

Well, it appears, as one headline this morning hooted, "More Green Leaves To Fall."

Never has there been a better example of 'rules are for thee, not for me' on the left.

It warns of “stagnant or falling” support in most states based on polling conducted before the shock resignations of Scott Ludlam and Lar­iss­a Waters over the past week after they admitted breaching a fundamental citizenship requirement in the Constitution.The Greens fear another blow to their standing after the furore as Senator Di Natale waits for confirmation he has renounced Italian citizenship.Tasmanian colleague Nick McKim is yet to produce confirmation he has given up British citizenship.
And this
Born-again politician Andrew Bartlett may be ineligible to become a senator for the Greens because of the constitutional trap that snared both its deputy leaders.The former Democrats leader had a paid job as a research fellow with the Australian National University while he was No 2 on the Greens’ Senate ticket in Queensland, potentially disqualifying him under section 44 of the Constitution.
I must say I have some sympathy for the lady who passed a motion while breast feeding.   She is the victim of an entirely brainless and obtuse legal technicality and she should never have been made to resign.  (But hey, I'm not sorry to see these bloody job killers getting the chop.)


Mr Hipkins has delivered a graphic glimpse of what "free" education should aspire to achieve.

Schools that at present pursue parent contributions of up to a thousand dollars a year at Chippy's Union mates run places of learning to supplement extra curricular activity will receive a princely sum of one hundred and fifty dollars pa if they cease asking parents to pay a donation.

Having school certificate passes in both maths papers mid twentieth century that little arithmetic question will only raise a quirky giggle.
Knowing what my service club contributes to pupils in our catchment to assist with regional and national participation in sport, summer camps, school trips, along with one off Spirit of Adventure, Duke of Edinburgh awards, and Outward Bound applications that bribe will not make the start line.

However as a window to what Mr Hipkins is offering his union masters in return for their carefully crafted manipulation of standards and assessment and allied condemnation of Charter Schools that threaten to expose some of the yawning gaps that the one size fits all, so comfortably accepted as a standard for the State School system, delivers.

Of course it will be attractive to those who will already vote for 'team red' if they actually bother.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017


Of course to intellectual giants, such simple reasoning is an unwanted mosquito to their self belief that they are the  sole participants quallified to debate, in particular when they are in their superior 'we know best mode'.

So instead of actually setting out an alternative point of debate from their elevated position they all too often plunge into denigration of any notions a simpleton from the peasantry might dare to offer, accompanied by  ad hominem attacks

I am not alone when I assail the moronic energy policies of Jay Weatherall's  South Australia Labor State Government.
In a headlong rush to be first to the new dawn of a low carbon economy they have embarked on a renewable energy policy that will see them only lead in a race to unsustainable pricing of basic electricity costs for industry commerce and domestic, accompanied by supply security issues.
In a State with only Uranium as a natural adequate resource for supplementing wind and solar electricity supply and an astounding refusal to even consider modern nuclear generation options, Mr Weatherall in a remarkably similar belief system to Cnut, has dived into a renewable based supply system that is underpinned by Solar and Wind with a similar outcome to that which the King achieved when it was  the simpering flattery of his court he was targeting with his move eight hundred years ago.
Such stupidity around electric generation is doomed  to fail as even peasants understand the sun is absent for almost half the 24 hour cycle plus the unfortunate additional suppressing effect of cloud cover while demand for electricity is constant
All the while ignoring the rising costs of wind towers with life terms around twenty years and replacement better economics than refurbishment. The ruling elites forget that without massive subsidies the windmills would never have reared up for Cervantes to tilt at and  are now facing serious replacement costs sans subsidy, suddenly it is problematic.

With South Australia having both warming and cooling needs for residential electricity and a dependence on land line backup from neighboring Victoria, who have joined the rush to renewables and set out to decommission in the near future, the Hazelwood plant ( producing 25% of Victoria's base load generation), such reliance exposed to Sods Laws can only come at greater risk of catastrophic failure.
Building "new" coal fired plant is never going to happen under the new age environmental billabong that has embraced all Australian ruling elites.

It is a total mystery how a nation with truly enormous reserves of "clean coal" in an era of tremendous advances in burning such carbon resources environmentally soundly to create electricity, has turned its back on coal fired generation systems. Meanwhile European nations with Germany in the Van are replacing Nuclear with coal fired generation.
All to achieve what, well world carbon emissions will be reduced by a degree that is laughable if it could be done and in Australia's case downright impossible. Hell I do not know if the CO2 output of a naturally occurring Bush Fire is calculated but it is no surprise that per capita Australia is alleged to emit the highest rate of  CO2 in world terms.
There is a tiny wee elephant in rooms where such stupidity is promoted, apparently there is no problem in shipping coal, clean, dirty and any in between, to Asia where, surprisingly, they will burn it!
China and India are building Coal fired generation structures at around two a week, meanwhile the States of Eastern Straya have hurdles in place to thwart LPG fuel for electricity generation, a  base fuel  even better than coal with reserves that are almost beyond comprehension
Meanwhile electricity security is at risk and price increases are no longer threatened they are a fact of life hanging over all energy users.

Assuming it were possible and it aint, suppose Straya ceased emitting CO2 completely, remind me again what is the effect on global emissions of the very necessary for plant growth, CO2. It is well below a margin of error, that is what
 Meanwhile on another planet, Billionaire failed POTUS hopeful, Alphonse Gore is presently in The Lucky Country complete with all the carbon emitting accoutrements he can muster, promoting his latest scribblings on the irrefutable, in his enfeebled mind, that although the earth is in a two decade pause of global temperature rise that is almost certain to be directly influenced by solar activity the very same energy that photoelectric cells convert to usable current in solar panels, Big Al needs more dosh from the fraudulent scam.
Apparently one billion is not enough as he embarks on milking another Billion while ignoring the obscene waste his mansions , international jet setting and total hypocrisy around carbon use in his pursuit of untold riches, continues.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Both Whaleoil and Don Brash waxed lyrical over Winston Peter's announcement (as yet another bottom line?) that NZ First would insist on the holding of a referendum on the abolition of the Maori seats.   Clearly Whaleoil and Brash accepted the announcement on its face value without bothering to check the detail.

Wikipedia has a substantial section on the calls for the abolition of the Maori seats.   It includes this offering ... " NZ First also advocates abolition of the separate electorates but says that the Māori voters should make the decision".       That can only be taken to mean voters on the Maori roll.  If that's the case you have to ask then why turkeys would vote for an early Xmas.   It's all smoke and mirrors.   A non referendum gerrymandered to maintain the status quo.

So c'mon on Winston ... fess up.   What exactly is your policy.    Is voting in 'your' referendum to be limited to those on the Maori roll?    

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


While many are conflicted over Turei and her belated admission,  like 25 years late,  she is a welfare fraudster and her ongoing evident support for welfare recipients having difficulty coping, to commit criminal acts to maintain a lifestyle they covet, things are a little more definite across The Tasman for Melons discovered to be law breakers in another bit of impediment to career.

Will The Greens Co Leader who has been less than a wilting violet over legal contretemps embroiling other MPs, resign , not likely, hell she has as yet made zero attempt to repay any of the fraudulently obtained monies afaik.

Two Australian Green Party Senators; Ludlum from WA holding dual NZ/ Aus citizenship resigned three days ago and today Queensland Senator Larissa Walters who has suddenly discovered she holds Canadian Dual papers has followed suit. Only Australian citizens can stand, vote and sit in Federal politics.

Estimates vary as to a sum dollar value for Ms Turei's frauds with a consensus around $50 000. A sum not that daunting for a totally excessive current income approaching $200 000 pa along with travel and accommodation supplements, until that 50k has a compound interest of say 5%pa added, then eyes might begin to water just a little,  suddenly it's equal to one years salary.

Of course I would say she has no alternative to just resigning with a few shreds of a badly corroded reputation but she will not even see that as a course of reason, entitleitus is a massive part of her adult life. That she defrauded her Taxpayer public, absolutely no surprise, that she came out with the "confession' leaves me firmly in the camp that she became aware she was about to be outed and took her predictable step to minimise the damage.

She is finished as a Lawyer, an MP and certainly in any position of trust and it is all her own fault.
Half as smart as some consider her to be, got pregnant, stole from her fellow citizens through some convoluted notion she was better, and then made no effort to put what was to many a basic little bit of restitution back to somehow sustain a semblance of  the honesty many consider a minimum for one who chooses to make the laws for all and in a leadership role with aspirations for executive cabinet position included, "tell her she's dreaming".

Dont let the door hit her arse on her way out, an arse that most doors would find great difficulty to miss.
Or as was proclaimed by Cromwell;
"You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately.. Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!

There's Something Wrong With The Bloody KoolAid (Updated)

There certainly is something wrong with whatever the Australian Greens have been drinking.

"The Greens have lost their second co-deputy leader in less than a week with Queensland senator Larissa Waters announcing her resignation as a result of holding dual citizenship.At a press conference in Brisbane, an emotional Senator Waters apologised to the Australian people saying she had only discovered yesterday that she remains a dual citizen of Canada and Australia."

Today the second Greens federal deputy co-leader in a week has been forced to resign because she forgot she is a Canadian citizen.  This, only days after the dil from Palmerston North resigned because he was a reluctant Kiwi.

All it needs to complete the quadrella is for the skinny Pakeha co-leader to confess that he too, stole a small fortune from WINZ and somehow forgot about it.

This is better than 'The Apprentice!'

Ho ho ho.

Ho ho ho.


Editorial standards at The Australia are slipping.   Cop this!

"Senator Waters said she would discuss her future with her party, but remains proud of her achievements, having recently become the first woman to pass a motion in the Senate while breastfeeding."


I think there is an element of truth in the old adage that economists are failed accountants bereft of an accountants personality.

I mean why would economists get their nickers in a twist just because the CPI flatlined in the second quarter coming in at 0.2% below market expectations.  

Consumer prices grew 1.7% between April and June on an annual basis, down from 2.2% in the first quarter of the year and below the forecasted 1.9%.    Translated that means interest rates are likely to remain at their historic lows into the foreseeable future.    Good for those on fixed incomes; good for borrowers; not so good for those with money to invest.

But for heavens sake ... we're taking about fractions of a percent.    Some will remember when the the CPI increased 44% in a quarter.    Then economists could really wax lyrical.

Of course with quantitative easing advocated by those on the dark side of the political divide as a measure to enhance growth those good old/bad old days might not just be a distant memory.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Maori Seats - Update

I think Winston Peters is onto a political winner with his demand for a binding referendum on the abolition of Maori seats in parliament.

The continuing existence of these seats is a political anachronism which does no favours to NZ and I think he will pull a lot of votes from disaffected Labour and National voters.

It will be very difficult for those who oppose the abolition of these seats to accuse him of racism.  He is probably the only politician in the country who could get away with it and I, for one, could forgive him for some but not all of his many sins if he pulls it off.


I see some wag over at Whaleoil has suggested Winston's 'binding referendum' will be offered only to those on the Maori roll.  Nothing Peters does would surprise me.  Such a move will see growth on the Maori roll surpassing the rate at which the number of Aborigines in Tasmania has increased since honkies could claim to be abos.

Crooked Polticians

Interesting to observe (cue screams of 'rascist') that NZ's rogue's gallery of crooked politicians is well represented by our darker brethren.

Image result for taito phillip field

Image result for winston peters

Image result for turei

I hope someone with the ability to dig back into historical benefit levels will calculate the amount Turei stole from the long suffering taxpayers of NZ and adjust the amount by IRD use of money rates to a present day value.

I wonder if she would beat Winston Peters' $158,000?

If anyone cares to identify a Pakeha politician from the last sixty years who has transgressed similarly, I'll be happy to add that person to the gallery.

Will They or Won't They?

Charge Meteria Turei with benefit fraud?    The NZ police, that is.

Image result for metiria turei
(My bank account was THAT big!)

After all, they had no compunction about bringing spurious prosecutions against Shane Ardern and Chester Burrows, both of which cases saw no serious harm done to anyone.

In Turei's case, it can be argued serious harm has been done to the Exchequer, encouragement has been given to other fraudsters who will say in their defense 'but Meteria said it was OK.'

Here's hoping a complaint is lodged with the police tout suite and they act on it.

If the Greens have any sense they will have one of their people bring the complaint and then they might give her the arse card before she is charged.

Question for lawyers.  Could she hang out her shingle if she is convicted of benefit fraud?

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Amazing the revelation by the Greens co-leader Metiria Turei that she lied to Work and Income to get a benefit she wasn't entitled to while she was studying for a law degree.

Many questions arise.   Did Turei declare her fraud to the Green Party when she first stood as a candidate?    If she didn't, do the Greens still consider her a right and proper person to represent them in  Parliament and, more importantly, to be their co-leader?   What moral authority would she possess as a  minister in a Labour/Greens coalition government and finally, is she going to pay the money back (with interest)?

Turei represents the 'entitlement culture' possessed by many of those who inhabit the dark side of the political divide.   Clearly she felt she was 'entitled' to rip off the taxpayer.    Not much of a difference between her and an ex colleague of hers, Pam Corkery, outed this week for ripping off vulnerable old ladies.  

Will Turei do a Barclay?   Doubt it.   Double standards anyone?

Ha Ha Ha

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Let us for a moment imagine a world where journalists and news purveyors  were a reflection of the politics of  all, maintained personal beliefs and bias as things to be left outside their place of work and equally represented a true cross section of the views  across the spectrum.

Instead of tiresome repeating of Trump derangement syndrome, there were items on what he is and continues to achieve, in carrying out what he promised, that resulted in election success,  to lead the infotainment hour for a state sponsored TV channel night after night.
Cardinal George Pell could just get on with defending the historical allegations he was a bad Priest that traverse much of his over half a century of pretty remarkable work on behalf of his diminishing  parishioner numbers in fulfillmment of what he saw as a "calling" all those years ago.
The United kingdom could get on with untangling itself from the mission creep that saw a trade block c1970s  morph into a political union that achieved all that Germany failed to gain from slaughtering the youth of two generations. Only to then proceed to hand it all to a religious sect that was begun by a  murderous pedeo fanatic one and a half thousand years ago in the deserts of Arabia
Hillary Clinton would be at home in a Federal Penitentiary somewhere out on the Western Plains of her United States.
Kim Jong Un would be a pariah and sorted by nations who stand by as he lurches towards an end suited to his despotic personally directed domination of a tired, hungry and lacking so much of what the world is capable of delivering, people.
Disastrous Polling for Andrew Little's vehicle for electoral elevation would have bottomed out at around his PPM number and he would have been consigned to the dustbin of history months ago.

No, aint gunna happn, the manipulative mass media continue to make shit up and the sheeple are lulled into a state of stupor where a new money tree will  blossom and bear fruit as NZ Inc plunges into a bankrupt state to rival Venezuela.

All because no one saw what the education institutions deliver as the march continues.
They came for the guns and I did nothing as I did not own any.
They took my hard earned money to give to the idle and disorderly and I did nothing because I still had enough although the cream was gone.
They destroyed family traditions and I did nothing as my family had resilience to survive.
They promoted selective treatments for different races, ages and cultures and I did nothing because my adherence to my values was largely untouched.
They lived a head in the clouds lifestyle at no personal cost yet rewarding to most of the drones, in ways they could only have dreamed about as goals from their own effort, and I did nothing.

Of course if news was announced each morning and then reasserted each night in an unbiased and  balanced manner, in words not laboriously produced by wordsmiths, easily understood, the world could be a better place.
I am too old to really care and Venezuela is but a blip on the march of history, so easily ignored as it is too far away, bit sad for people there  who can't buy toilet paper let alone feed the systems that it could be useful for, as a modern acoutrement of personal hygiene.

Just Imagine.

Friday, July 14, 2017


Alas either can garner sufficient electoral support to get power.

South Straya has a history of dreams and dramas to gain a notoriety as a State of The Federation as an enigma to equal that Russian conundrum described by Churchill.
""I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, but perhaps there is a key.

Enough of that, this effort is about Jay Weatherall, current State Premier of South Australia who has embarked on a remarkable path for his state that the redoubtable Sir Humphrey Appleby would describe as " very courageous"  Minister.

Not blessed with water apart from the last stumbling flow of the Murray, no mountains to deliver rain from uplift, very little coal of quality, SA has a heavy industry propped up with subsidies and Buy Australia that is unravelling quick time.

Weatherall has moved SA to the head of the queue to be glob I mean climate change moron of the decade.
The last small local electricity generator was decommissioned and power outages are already happening will only get worseror,  as dependence on Victoria becomes fraught as their economic miracle strains to out green SA with the decommissioning of Hazelwood and its 25% of Victoria base load electricity.

Now Elon Musk is looking to sell Weatherall a Battery set to make up the shortfall from wind and solar at night when the wind drops and the sun dont shine.  not just afew AAA s though but billions of hitech rare earth consuming theoretical monsters and that is just more compost to add to the pile of steaming stuff.
 The so far announced battery will run SA for around three hours. and electricity will cost more than many will be able to afford.

It used to be accepted fact that the line between genius and insanity was tissue paper thin and for Jay it is torn only no one seems to be able to get him to see it.


David has published a post on a possible makeup of a Labwineen Cabinet after the NZ body corporate deliver a rogue result in November, at

Not only does it articulate the yawning lack of any worldly experience outside the beltway, the almost total lack of any contact let alone actual business participation, and management ability that could ever grace a CV,  it is a parade of sub normal pedestrian largely single agenda driven apparatchiks who would struggle to run a sausage sizzle even if more competent persons arranged the venue, equipment, staff, product,  in an area with foot traffic to sell a single encased  mince bacteria farm.

Now NZ Inc is possibly going to entrust this disparate bunch with nearly 100 billion dollars PA.
It is entirely sufficiently scary to watch the current bunch with all that dosh but at least they have a track record however incompetent much of that stewardship has emerged as a mirage of reality.

Farrar's post should have carried a warning to look away and remove children some of whom will vote or not.


Green MP Barrry Coates, in a rare moment of honesty, has said that his Party will not be sidelined in any stitch-up deal by Labour and Winston First that leaves them on the outside of cabinet looking in.   It's a line in the sand from a Party sick of being the perennial bridesmaid and having to eat scraps from the Labour's High Table.

While Winston, for his part, has said that NZ First can never sit at the cabinet table alongside Green Party ministers ... and Winston is of course a man of his word (baubles notwithstanding).

That then reshapes the election dynamic.   There can be no 'Grand Coalition' between Labour, the Greens and NZ First (even ignoring the fact that on current polling those three Parties are some seats shy of having sufficient seats in order to govern).

So that leaves NZ First, stripped of its kingmaker credentials, and with its only option (if it wants a hand on the levers of power) being to seek an accommodation with National.

More importantly where does it leave National?   Does it really want to make common ground with a centre-left Party resolutely opposed to free trade and wedded to Keynesian economic theory and a hand-out mentality that many on the dark side of the political divide would applaud.

I guess it all comes comes down to whether New Zealanders want to sacrifice the hard earned gains of recent years in order to turn back the clock in order to embrace all the worst features of Muldoonism.

Sheesh ... I don't particularly hold a great candle for ACT, but between them and NZ First, I'll take ACT every time. They at least don't prostitute themselves on the altar of populism.



Has anyone else noticed there has not been a media release from the elf n safety gnomes on the dangers of LPG stored around dwellings for simply ages, like no one seems to have been blown up since that unpermitted and off the planet sleepout blew up weeks ago in Dorkland.

Only based on minimal headlines at that time, a gas explosion was suspected, but the "Hi Viz" battalion  have things well in hand on matters LPG in Dwellings. Not withstanding that like so many inane regulations,  ignoring is mostly only revealed after the fact. As in one night near the Local Marae, a home was incinerated and several 9Kgs were a source of entertainment, except that is for the poor buggers dodging them inside.
It is illegal to have more than one nine Kg bottle indoors and no more than two 45s on an outside wall.
All based around mindless simplistic one size fits all regs to accommodate a gas space heater such as were du jour a couple of decades ago. Zero reference as to what was to be heated, cooked or dwelling size, merely a one size fits all reg dreamed up by a shiny suited Crat.

We live nearly one hundred clicks from a LPG wholesaler prepared to deliver once a week with a simple phone order system that basically works well.
Of course life is not so simple in a house that has no open fire, log fire or anything that destroys forests. An electric cylinder with a boost element to bypass night rate, a gas califont to service the three bedrooms not adjacent to that cylinder. A Nitestore in the hallway, a gas fire in the family room and a heat pump for base heating, is it. Cooking by way of a gas hob and an electric oven with a BBQ as back up.
'Sod' in her infinite wisdom always has the current 45 Kg run to red on Tuesday, too late for this week, or if a little remiss, Wednesday, the day the truck ventures over the Hilltop. That equates to a potential survival for two weeks on one "can of gas" and in July a possible three or more weeks until a delivery. So should 'Sods' sister who has the weather stringy to hand, decide to give a timely reminder to the peasants that global war sorry make that climate change, has not reached the Armageddon turnoff yet and sends  down a storm that is normal for those with two functioning brain cells, in July, as per the program,  it surprisingly gets colder leaving Darby and Joan Gravedodger to face that cold, a we bitty exposed. Yes exposed as should that itsy bitty storm turn into a bad one and take out the 'tricity' we could become two frozen cadavers and although that might elicit a modicum of sympathy for swmbo others might say good job.

As one imbued with an active forward planning gene, Darbs decided to investigate the possibility of holding a third 45 Kg chained to another wall under the many meters of eaves that surround the house and its adjoining shed, as an emergency back up. Like, in sync with the morons who preach in the aftermath of a disaster, on ways to future proof a personal world with stored water, torches bandages tinned food etc, like you know, youve all heard it and promptly forgotten.
So ring 0800841212 and listen to the nice tones running through the possible prompts and a warning the call may be recorded for training until minutes later the one where holding will get a real person to talk. Many interruptions, thanking for patience, alternating with an  offer to a 'call back' option until some many minutes another, real possibly, voice, "can I help you".
Of course she could not, as after a detailed outline of my suggestion, a short blankety blank statement " the law does not permit more than 100 kgs of gas to be on site. No there are no exemptions, sorry".
How hard is maths 45 +45 + 45 = bugger.

If gas comes in 45s and 100 Kg total  is deemed safe, am I unreasonable to perhaps wish to hold another 45 for a couple of months as a backup in the winter of my discontent when we could be faced with no gas until maybe next Wednesday all going well,  apparently NO,  in the absence of a framed parchment noting I achieved a BA years ago and obviously simple to boot, why was I being so idiotic.

Yes I could in an emergency head down to Mr little (we have our very own and he is a much more useful one than yours) and beg a 45 Kg from the stash he can have as a dealer. apparently having a few dozen 'cans' in a netting  fenced area beside his business is safe whereas three scattered and secured at my place out of town and no other dwelling closer than 500 meters, is a formidable and totally unwarranted danger.

"Why" well still a bit of a mystery really unless one accepts we live in a perfect world and what could possibly go wrong.
Tell me again what happened to that unsinkable boat in 1912, oh that's right it inspired a Movie that made a nice Jimmy Cameron, lennie Di caprio and Kate Winslett enough money that they should never run out of Gas!

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Thursday, July 13, 2017


Donalt Trump's first Born, unremarkable for dynastically minded US parents, named Donald Junior was involved with an international entertainment outfit his Dad had purchased well before Donald Snr set out to actually become  POTUS.

That meat marketing enterprise took the son to Moscow at the time in the  circus that resembles elections, manifesting as a primary win for Team Trump in Iowa.
By then very clear, that should Trump become the nomination for The Republican Party his likely, if not certain opponent would be Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democrats in a winner takes all contest. At that time such an aberration for the MSM and their heroes in Team Clinton was unlikely to the point of stupid yet Team Trump had not been told.

A pretty face from Russia and her contacts indicated to Donald Jnr, they might have information that could be damaging to Team Clinton. Maybe there is a person involved in electoral competition who would ignore totally such an opportunity but even so called 'nice' people like Wallace Rowling and Jack Marshall weren't that naive and it was no surprise that Trump Jnr went forward only to discover it was all innuendo, hot air and promptly to discarded and forgotten.

Now the Clinton Running Mate for POTUS, bet no body can remember the name, is calling the actions of Trump Junior "treason, and grounds for yet another impeachment". This from one who was more than happy to accept that Bengazi never happened, Hillary did nothing wrong in setting up her email in her garage to process the classified information that came to her as SecState, highly sensative and secret information that was as easily hackable as a bankcard at an ATM, committed no obstruction of Justice by participating in the wholesale destruction of emails that had been  subpoenaed by the FBI, easily accessed by one remarkably stupid Anthony Weiner, then shacked up with Huma Abedin probably HRC's closest advisor, to the point that the now seriously fatally flawed flake Weiner was more than once asked to print documents from his wife's laptop that included State secrets from the Office of the Secretary of State. An action well outside Weiner's security status, he was afterall by then  widely disgraced for Sexting images of his personal bedroom equipment to unwilling recipients.
Still wondering who was HRC's VP candidate, Democrat Senator from Virginia Tim Kaine, that's who,  what a plonker, a classic 'better to be silent and thought stupid than speak and remove all doubt' candidate for plonker of the year.

No single person, whether candidate, staff, manager or strategist will ignore a dangled bit of dirt in a campaign but might well later ignore it and discard such dirt as Trump Jnr is claiming, however there is a plethora of losers, disillusioned scribes, Democratic supporters who see high treason and a coming beheading on the Capitol steps for every Team Trump member they could gather up.

Truth is there are many more Clinton deplorables to be investigated, Podesta, Mrs Bernie Sanders, BLM leaders, Obama apologists, the transfer to Russia of a quarter of US strategic Uranium stocks, donations to the Clinton Foundation, where and for how much HRC's Porch Dog gets for speaking, the ignoring by Obama in August 2016 of clear and certain warnings Rusian Agents could be threatening the security of US Federal elections,  why,  well then it was a given HRC was going to win, that's why.
That  list is a long one.

"He did what"  well bugger all in truth but it puts a bit of fuel under the boiling pot that MSM needs for ratings.


Donald Trump Jnr is on a slippery slope to 'somewhere' as his dealings with Russian Attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya come under the microscope.   

Now it transpires that Vesselnitskaya, who met with Trump Jr. in June 2016, was working for a Cyprus-based real estate holdings company called Prevezon, run by Denis Katsyv, son of Pyotr Katsyv, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest advisers.

Prevezon was working to have the Magnitsky Act repealed.   What is the Magnitski Act?     The Act is a bipartisan bill passed by the US Congress and signed by into law by President Obama in 2012 intending to punish Russian officials responsible for the death of Russian lawyer Sergi Magnitski in a Moscow prison in 2009.

So why the concern?   Well Magnitski was Bill Browder's lawyer who, in acting for him, ran foul of the Russian authorities after accusing them of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars through tax refunds and then laundering the money through New York banks. The scheme was allegedly run by Prevezon Holdings whose attorney, Veselnitskaya, was working to get the sanctions reversed.  

And who is Bill Browder.   William Felix Browder is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the investment fund Hermitage Capital Management and noted critic of Vladimir Putin.   He also happens to be the grandson of Earl Browder, hardline Chairman of the National Committee of the Communist Party USA from 1930 to 1945.

Confused!!!!! ... boy this is getting murky.


The Conservative Party refuses to do the decent thing and euthanize itself.   They haven't managed to pick up on the fact that a certain Mr Colin Craig totally trashed their brand.

But as someone with an interest in public policy I do troll the various Party websites on the basis that no one Party has an absolute monopoly on good ideas.

And so it was that I accessed the Conservative Party website where, under their Drugs and Alcohol Policy, I came across this doozy ... to 'Review the Sale of Liquor Act 1989 Terms of Reference'.

WTF would you want to review the TOR for a 1989 Act that was replaced five years ago by the Sale and Supply of Liquor Act 2012.

Sorta reminiscent of the Goons in 'I'm walking backwards to Christmas' except the Goons were funny and this mob ain't ... just sad.     

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I just don't understand the incompetence of Labour.   In trying to shore up their own shrinking demographic support as well trying to poach some of Winston's golden oldie support they have said to every other taxpayer 'up yours' ... we know best how to spend your money, not you.   They have taken the effective tax cuts due to take effect on 1 April off the table.  

Mark my words ... there will be a price to pay for this bit of Socialist arrogance.

But it's their proposed $450 (single person) and $700 (for a couple) electricity subsidy payment proposed for those in receipt of NZ Superannuation that I want to focus on.    It's a universal payment for c*********s to be made regardless of the recipients assets or income.   Means the superannuitant with no other source of income other than NZ Superannuation gets the same as a certain OAP Party leader earning in excess of $200,000.    If you're going down that track why not structure the payment linked to where the recipient has an entitlement to a Community Services Card with an abatement regime for those earning over the prescribed amount.     It's called targeting and it's hardly a new concept.

But it gets worse.   The payment is to be made in cash and not direct to the electricity provider.   Reminds me how it was a couple of years back when Top Energy used to distribute their annual $200 'rebate' to their customers by way of cheque.   That week the amount going through the pokies over doubled.   Thankfully wiser heads prevailed and nowadays those eligible for the payment receive a $200 credit on their electricity account.   Seems Labour can't even learn from past mistakes.

Labour couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery although you might be forgiven for thinking that's where their latest policy was dreamed up.   I guess it helps having a whisky loving apostate Morman holding the little man's hand.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Answer .... CC sings it in Limbo Rock ... AL does it in both his Party and his personal his poll ratings.  

Two months out from the election and Labour is polling 7% down on where they were in 2011 and half a percent down on where they were last time round for their worst ever result while National is 3% up on where they were in 2011 and virtually level pegging on their 2014 result.

But it is in the preferred PM stakes that Little is in real trouble sitting in fourth place and behind his Deputy who is widely seen as a political lightweight having achieved  nothing, zip, zero in Parliament.    That is unprecedented for a leader and at any other time he would be gone by lunchtime.   Fact is we are too close to the election for anything to happen.   Labour is saddled with Little as but you can bet your bottom dollar that, unless he can pull off an unlikely trifecta and form a coalition government post the election with the Greens and NZ First and fashion some sort of accommodation with the Maori Party then, dollars to donuts, he is headed the same way as Phil Goff, David Shearer (remember him ... good guy but stabbed in the back by his Party) and David Cunliffe ... and sooner rather than later.

Happy daze.


Monday, July 10, 2017


Half way through Air Commodore Henry Probert's biography of Bert 'Bomber' Harris.     It's a warts and all account.

Harris was not one for niceties.   Love the bit where William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, came to visit and, looking out the window murmured 'the precipitation may congeal' to which Harris responded 'you mean its bloody well going to snow'.

There's no mention as to whether the good Archbishop was amused.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Nuff Said