Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Certainly for Alphonse Gore perhaps.

During recent absences from interwebby connectivity with radio for info there was much ado  a few days ago about "a disaster currently unfolding for breeding pairs of Adele Penguins around Cape Bird in Antarctica possibly failing to rear any young this breeding season.

Abnormal sea ice making parents trips to gather Krill to feed their young too far and chicks dieing in their thousands from starvation.

Don,t many species of Whales have Krill as a staple so preventing killing whales for food might cause a reduction in total Krill supplies through species pressure?
Isn't sea ice supposed to be threatened so how come such a problem exists as we warm up?
Shouldn't there be a concentrated effort by Project Jonah type warriors to sort out the problem?
Perhaps the pathetic efforts to connect global warming and climate change with A.G.W. and consumption of carbon based fossil fuels  becoming kind of unravelled could be evidence of settled science being a somewhat mythical concept.

Could palm kernal supplements be a go?
What else could be used for supplementary food supplies?
Grass supplies seem extremely abundant this spring, says my lawn anyway.

That news had a  "and they all lived happy everafter" missing as regards this year's Adele Penguins harsh lifestyle.

Headline of the Week

In a piece on sexual harassment allegations against Weinstien's harve brother Bob.

"The Family That Preys Together...."

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Fact ... being in parliament is all about being in government.   There is very little satisfaction in sitting on the opposition benches.   You might get the occasional victory when a government minister or MP stuffs up but much of your time is spent railing against decisions already made and which you can't change.

That's the conventional wisdom anyway.    Not so this time round.   Whoever Winston and his ratbag bunch of losers chose will themselves end up as losers.

So Bill, my advice to you is to pull the plug.   Let 'them' go with Labour and the Greens and watch the train-wreck develop.   Use the time to regenerate and refresh ... and yes, that probably means you will have to call 'time up' on yourself ... but you have been there and done that.   Your legacy is secure as an outstanding Minister of Finance who saw us through the GFC and the decade of deficits bequeathed to you by Labour.  

In opposition National will exercise substantial power through their shear weight of numbers in the House.   They will be the majority Party on all Select Committees.    They will have the ability to frustrate the government's legislative agenda should they choose to do so and at the same time be in a position to exploit the inherent contradictions in a coalition of where NZF and the Greens have about as much in common as Sunni and Shia Muslims do.

3 years (or shorter) pain for long term gain.   Pull the plug on the farce Bill, pull the plug.

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Farce Continues

The Herald reports 'talks continue.'

I'm sticking to my prediction that Peters will come to an arrangement with the National Party.

Peters knows that if he goes with Labour, they will tank the economy (and he doesn't know how to stop them) and a strong and aggressive opposition will pin the blame where it belongs.  On his venal shoulders.  That will see the end of Peters and the Winston First cult at the next election.  The one thing the Labour line up is good at is plotting and conniving and they'll direct all their talent into plotting against him.

He'll wind up with zero credibility and no legacy.

If he goes with National he will get his Maori seat referendum which will restore some credibility and he will have that momentous achievement as a lasting and positive legacy.

The only question remaining is, how long can he spin out his pathetic charade?


One of the papers presented at ALLAF2017 was from Cathy Clayton, project manager for the Oz National Drug Strategy Household Survey.   She managed the 2010, 2013 and 2016 surveys.   Her subject was alcohol consumption trends.     Some interesting stats.

The consumption of alcohol per capita in Oz has decreased 10% in the last decade.   The decline was particularly evident in the 18-24 year old cohort with the number in that cohort describing themselves as total abstainers rising from 12% to 18%.

But the stat that really had me interested was that the decline in the 19-24 cohort was offset to a degree by an increase in drinking in the 55-70 yo cohort.    Why would that be.   Lotsa speculation but no definite answers ... likely to be reciprocated in NZL as our drinking patterns are broadly in sync with those of our Oz cousins.

Be interested in your comment.

My Black Bastard is Better Than Your Black bastard.

If you ever wondered whether the most racist people on earth are blacks, go no further than this story from the glorious pages of American Black Lives Matter and university campus disruption.

It appears the young darlings of the Democrats have worked out that if you spend most of your time screaming obscenities at your President and making outrageous demands on university administrators, you might not have much time to achieve academic excellence.  However, this for them is no impediment.

Having discovered there are more black immigrants enrolled and graduating at their university than there are genuine American black bastards, they propose a ban on the enrollment of black bastards who were not born in America. 

Ya gotta larrrf doncha?  They must have been taking xeno lessons from The Honorable Mr Peters.

No wonder they are called Dumb black bastards.   And now they are running around the country demolishing statues of Stephen Foster.

All of which will ensure The President is re-elected in 2020.


TV1 News is reporting that the Greens are set to hold a teleconference where 170 'delegates' will be asked to ratify any deal to establish a Labour/NZF/Green Party government.

Whooops ... over the last three weeks we have been told ad nauseam that the Greens constitution requires that any deal be ratified by 75% of their membership.

The Electoral Commission requires a political party to have 500 members for it to be registered.

Are the Greens saying they have only 170 members?

p..s.   At least it appears the Greens are up with the teleconference bit unlike a certain other Party

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Back only to find that Winston's commitment to anoint either Bill or Cindy by 'Writ Day' had about as much substance as his commitment to hold a referendum on the retention of the Maori seats.   Honestly, did anyone expect anything else?

The politicians, senior public servants and others I met in Oz were almost united in their bewilderment that New Zealanders might be in for a change of government.   To say they admire the way our economy is being managed is the understatement of the year.    There were a number who do business in New Zealand.   Fascinated with their comment that doing business in New Zealand was far easier than doing it at 'home'.

The price of beer in Brisbane (at least in the entertainment precinct) is enough to drive people to drink.   Four pints of tap beer (Peroni and some other concoction I had never heard of ) and $2 change from a $50 note.    

Turnbull and Shorten seem to be disliked in about equal measure.   Abbott is becoming a bit if a joke ... much in the mold of Muldoon and the 'Sunday Club' and dreaming of a return that ain't gonna happen.   Collectively they provide the reason for the rise of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party ... much like NZ First with one important difference.   Hanson makes Peters look statesmanlike.

And so it is that we are all waiting with baited breath until Monday or Tuesday or whatever.   This crap about the NZ First Board having the final say needs to be called out for what it is ... a charade pure and simple ... perfectly summed by by Peter Brown, longtime ex Deputy Leader to Peters, when he said a few days ago that Winston recommends and the Board follows 'lemming' like.   Put it this way ... were the Board to reject Winston's recommendation (and he has to lead on this) it would be to reject Winston as leader ... and pigs fly.

One final point.   We know there is a certain suspicion of technology among the elderly but surely even NZ Firsters have heard of video conferencing ... why the need to gather face-to-face in 'Sodom' ... and a question ... whose paying?    Answer ... go figure.

Ho Ho Ho (The best is the last)

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Not A Bad Week.....

...for President Trump, that is.

First, an executive order strips out most of the severe problems associated with Obamacare.

Second, an excellent speech delivers a much needed torpedo into the Mad Mullahs of Tehran.

Where in all this is the GOP and it's Congress?

Nowhere to be seen except when it comes to sabotaging the President's efforts to keep his election promises.   No wonder David Farrar muses on the possibility of the President running as an independent in 2020.

Never has there been such a transformation from hero to traitor as can be seen in the person of the disgraceful John McCain.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

And The Mafia Decides........

It's all too funny for words.

Peters has refused to identify the NZFirst board members who will decide with whom the party makes an accommodation.  The Herald identifies recent members:-

The Herald has confirmed members have recently included the following who had to have their names changed by deed poll, in order to become part of Winston First.
• Winston Peters, leader.
• Winston Mark, deputy leader.
• Winston Catchpole, president and former MP.
• Winston Martin, party secretary and mother of MP Tracey Martin.
• Winston Ellen, treasurer.
• Winston Paul, North Island vice president. Works in sales and teaches martial arts and stood in Epsom at the election.
• Winston Thorn, South Island vice-president.
• Winston Campbell-Smith, director general ex-officio.
• Winston Gardener. A former party president.
• Winston Ashley.
• Winston Greening. A Papakura-based information engineering consultant and Manurewa local board member.
• Winston Andrews.
• Winston Sara, stood in Nelson at the election.
• Winston Monds. An Aucklander and part of a growing number of young people involved in the party.

Reason Number Eleventyleven............

..........why President Trump will be re-elected in a 2020 landslide;

Here's the money quote.

In fact, the eight months following President Trump’s inauguration are the only months since February 2009 in which 60 percent or more of Americans were employed and it’s been above 60 percent for every month of the Trump presidency. In September, the percentage of Americans who were employed reached 60.4 percent. The last time it was this high was January 2009, the month President Obama took office.

Finally, the jobs are better. Since January, the number of people working full time has increased by two million while the number working part time increased by only 245,000. In September alone, the number of people working full time increased by 935,000. This helps explains why average hourly wages have grown by 2.9 percent over the past 12 months, the highest level of annual wage growth in more than eight years.
Bottom line, thanks in great part to President Trump’s deregulation efforts, businesses across the country are hiring and more Americans are working better jobs for higher pay. 

You need to read that twice for the real message to sink in.  The dates are significant.

Obama deliberately tanked the American economy.  So much for 'fundamental transformation.'

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Another post election prediction

I've changed my mind.  I think Winston is going to support National.  His behaviour toward the Greens is telling.  He can tell the country that they're loopy and he can't be in government with them, or something like that.

I might change my mind back again tomorrow though.


As an assortment of armchair diplomats/warriors/strategists/wise-arses pontificate on what might or might not happen in North Korea, various military and non military 'solutions' are suggested.

Well, I'm going to join the fray.   Adolf has as much military and diplomatic experience as President Trump so, I am eminently qualified to have a say.

First off, I'd have to say I'm somewhat sceptical about reports of 6,500 artillery pieces and 3,500 multiple rocket launchers allegedly embedded in the hills north of the DMZ, threatening the city of Seoul.   For some perspective, note that one of largest artillery bombardments in history took place at El Alemain in 1942, using just 822 guns, firing some 930,000 shells over five hours.   The largest ever barrage was fired against Germany by Russia in 1944, delivering over 500,000 shells in half an hour from 9,000 guns.

Secondly, as I have said elsewhere, I suggest the use of nuclear weapons by either side is unlikely.  The Yanks don't need to and Kim will have his shot out of the air.

Has anyone contemplated how many men and what resources are needed to keep 10,000 guns ready for action 24/7?   I doubt very much the figure is anywhere near 10,000 but of course, nobody really knows because Gareth Morgan didn't visit the site when he was there.

However, the threat to 22 million civilian residents of Seoul is very real, whether it be from 100, 1,000 or 10,000 guns.   A 500 shell volley of 150mm ordnance fired into a heavily populated area over ten minutes might well kill more than a few thousand people.

Accordingly, I see the perceived or real artillery threat to be one the Norker Porker's trump cards.  (Did you like that one?) 

Remove the artillery threat and much of the past bluster from NK is rendered redundant. 

I suspect such an option is high on the list for the US and South Korea.  I have seen no published acknowledgement of its existence but then again, the real deal is unlikely to be leaked to slavering journalists and commentators.

All it would take would be China's secret but explicit  agreement to a limited military strike which achieves no more and no less than the destruction of North Korea's southern artillery.     A non-nuclear aerial assault using cruise missiles, stealth bombers and B52s might see the game over within half an hour or so.

Kim Jong is substantially weakened  and the obliteration of his regime using conventional weapons becomes many times easier to achieve without civilian casualties in South Korea.  (Whether China would agree to such a second stage is moot.)

So what happens then?  I suspect South Korea would make very loud noises and China might quietly move in and take over it's new southern province.


When all the "one trip" plastic bags have been eliminated from NZ retail, say in a decade or two, and a dead turtle is found on a beach somewhere full of plastic bags from Jakarta or some other country, what will the SJWs do then to save the planet.

Garry Hughes will still be flying from Wellywood International to Momona, taking a taxi to North Dunners, have a conversation with three students on planet saving, then a night in a hotel before flying back to Lesterland, fully updated on strategy to save a planet somewhere.
Meat vegies and other grocery will still be packed in the dreaded Plastic, bundles of The peoples daily will still be bound with plastic binding, Jandals will still be found singly on beaches and roadsides along with plastic drink bottles, milk bottles, fast food wrappers, tires, batteries and farings. Such rubbish will still litter roadsides and other dump options avoiding the landfill charges along with sofas Tvs, cheap furniture, old carpets that will add to what a population with little concern for turtles anywhere discard in an erroneous notion based on "it's only me so doesn't matter".

Illness from poorly cleaned customer supplied grocery bags will increase. Who saw last nights Seven Sharp item on using cellphones in toilets visits, and that played at mealtime, disgusting but revealing to most, methinks.

Entrepreneurs will manufacture many alternative plastic bag options to replace the ubiquitous now to be banned grocery bags for kitchen and bathroom litter bags, doggy doo bags, and the many imaginative uses that will see Countdown and Foodstuff wrongly titled 'single use' convenience containers, denied from the market.

I still delight in taking Countdown branded bags to Pak n save and New World ones to Countdown.

All shopping bags that end up at home here are tightly rolled for future use and when that supply is deemed to be a surplus they are bundled and sent to land fill more than likely in a blimmin grocery bag, LoL.

Troughers and dirty bastards will continue their destructive ways and Hippycrits will pretend to change the world by including the truly caring and responsible in their megalomaniac proclamations to achieve precisely nothing.

It all sounds so caring and responsible Big Grocery but it will solve nothing, Humans will still litter and much of that detritus will end up in the sea due to winds, natural water flows and gravity.

He Just Keeps On Winning

Every time the journalistic wankeratti go ballistic over one of President Trump's 'plain language' utterances, it turns out they were wrong and he was right.

Remember the fuss over 'Obama had me wiretapped'?     Only a matter of weeks after all the huffing and puffing, it turned out that Trump and his campaign people had been illegally spied on by the Obama administration, using an illegal abuse of process called 'unmasking.'

More recently the President rightly called on the administrators of the American NFL to 'throw out the sons of bitches' who dishonour the American flag.  Cue more media huffing and puffing.

Well guess what?  Today the president of the NFL issued an instruction to all the teams' owners that players were to remain standing during the playing of the national anthem.

It seems most Americans agreed with their President and stopped buying tickets or watching televised games.

If the Democrats keep up their good work, 2020 will see a Trump landslide.


He might get it all wrong!

Ditherer? I dont think so #1 manipulator is feathering nests and playing Simon n Cindy for suckers.

In June 2010 Belgium held elections and it was mid 2011 when ngotiations concluded and a new administration was formed.

The Dutch held an election back in March and have only just managed to form a Coalition. Of course that effort came down to concentrating on keeping Geert Wilders out of any position of influence as his anti immigration mantra was unacceptable to the majority of Euro group think

Hell we could wait two years with a caretaker government, under MMP and its stiffling of government action who would notice.
Doing nothing is quite an attractive alternative to the "Zoo feeding options currently on offer"


Do I have it correct that the political manipulator #1 who just wanted to keep them honest, claimed until Sept 23rd he would bring a referendum to the voters to decide on the question of seperate Maori Seats in the Parliament that the framers of our MMP system recommended be abolished as Proportional Representation would support such single issue groups to gain access to representation.

It was then watered down twice, firstly because the Maori Party had been trashed, then secondly the Voters to be given the option to end the apartheid seats would be limited to those on the Maori Roll.
Now it is all likely consigned to the BPF (broken promise file) in the horse trading over how much The Dwarf can extract by way of baubles.

Then in the aftermath of the official polling day, the day so special when a completely different set of rules around casting votes to those in situ for the plethora of opportunities in supermarkets etc were in play, The Pin Striped one stated he would not begin negotiations until 'The Specials' had been counted. As that day approached a DATE was declared and he would make his decision by Thursday the 12th of October.  Now it emerges that deadline was when he would decide, revelation of the decision not included,  the illustrious one might lower himself to Proclaim that within earshot of the rabble on Friday the Thirteenth.

Is that an omen or what, The Dark Destroyer whose party logo and colours include "black and white" will anoint his chosen ones on Black Friday, or not, yeah nah.

Would it be unreasonable to test his links to witch-craft by putting him in a sack and throwing him into the Waikato if he survives he is in the clutches of Lucifer and needs further trials, say a burning at the stake.

Meanwhile those popcorn investments are holding up.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Winston Peters for Speaker.    Think on it ... Master of Parliament with all the prestige that goes with the job but still able to exercise control over his own Party (and, by extension, the government) but immune (to a degree) from the fallout from when the government you are supporting stuffs up.

The Speakers Flat in Parliament ain't exactly a hovel and he gets a Deputy Speaker and two Assistant Speakers to do the more mundane.   Has to be attractive for a guy pushing 73.   Pay is as much as a Minister inside Cabinet plus a generous expense allowance on a par with that of the Prime Minister plus a self drive car.   Lotsa nice Speaker junkets o'seas.

Speakers leave legacies enshrined in Speakers Rulings and then at the end of it all there is an automatic 'K' ... assuming Labour doesn't decide to abolish them (again).

And of course the old maxim comes into play ... you set a thief to catch one.

Now, why hasn't anyone else thought of that?

Was "Ms J" told it was not surefire?

My GP and my surgeon left me in no doubt that my sterilisation was not fail safe.
If Ms J didnt get the same message then she should have made better efforts to understand what could happen.

The human body has remarkable abilities to overcome such barriers, condoms, dutch caps, pills withdrawal, rhythm, tube tieing, vasectomies, can all fail to prevent determined little tadpoles finding eggs to complete what nature has been achieving since forever.

Now castration and removal of the relative bits in a radical hysterectomy can prevent fertilization and an unwanted pregnancy but anything less has a failure as a potential.
Hell someone else might slip one past the goalie, not so relevant perhaps for females in the gender confused world choosing the final solution.

So Ms J's appeal against the ACC decision to limit their exposure beyond Medical costs up to the "unplanned birth" was rightly upheld by the Court of Appeal, the scary bit was one of the wallies ruled Ms J had been stiffed by ACC. Nope that was the sperm donor sweety and if you have regrets then blame yourselves or sue Nature, Gaia, Eros, or someone else, leave my ACC contributions out OK.


As the race relations commissioner continues her squashbuckling random attacks, devoid of any understanding of the definitions of race, religion or culture, often based on People "taking Offence" as opposed to actual offensive behaviour,  over a very languid and erroneous interpretation of what Duncan Garner actually stated, her time in the Role is well past its use by date.

The idiot woman needs to be taken out back and have some relevance instruction as forcefully as is needed culminating in an apology and immediate resignation.
Her term at the trough should be squashed forthwith

Disgraceful is somewhat inadequate.

It could be revealing should she honestly answer 'Garners Eighteen Questions' published on Whaleoil.


As the proletariat await Mr 7% to announce who will go to see Dame Patsy about a lease of the Limos, and it might very well turn out to make Rob Muldoon's prediction come to fruition, there is one very clear message for the voters and in particular those two groups of morons who repeatedly signalled a total absence of any understanding of the MMP system that decides seat numbers in the legislature.

Mob one represented by far too many on Kiwiblog and elsewhere preached the inane theory  that two ticks blue was a solution to the resurrected NZLP and Comrade dear leader.
The Sainte-Lague method of allocation of List seats leaves the strongest Party, in this case National, needing many more special votes to gain any additional seats due to the fact they already held almost twice as many electorate seats while the melons with zero electorate seats need far fewer list votes per seat. So Two ticks blue was a failure from the get go as revealed in the counting of the "specials" with the number of them from people with very little if any "skin in the game" never to be revealed.
Once gain it handed the socialists gains from election night provisionals.

Then there was Mob two who suggested a protest at the fading light of National after nine years of departure from the rather tarnished and discarded foundation principles with pandering to a race based minority and munificence to a bunch who whatever happened by way of real  progress in social welfare, would never vote Blue or even Winston First, to hand their protest to the Charlatan with zero idea how that would turn out.
History suggests badly and ending in tears.

The only option remaining was ACT, now reduced to a road crash victim on "life support", taking up resources and space and although gifted a MP in Epsom with a minimal advantage from overhang,  is widely regarded as a recurring dream that has morphed into a nightmare amongst the voting public
If David Seymour is the answer it is way beyond a sensible question.

If National seriously wish to regain government they need to nurture a party to their right and risk the same doubts and opprobrium that the Melons and Labour seem to have nurtured and survived on the left with the MOU, now put back in its cot with a comforter while  the advantages of Sainte-Lague makes a coalition of losers the glittering prize when Winston First hands them a reward they were never likely to achieve themselves.

Meanwhile the group think that fails to allow MMP to be handled as its theoretical basis tends to work out in Europe's strongest democracy using the very same MMP system we have, only creates for the NZ voter  a Doberman Pinscher with an undocked tail  dominating the Zoo hierarchy.
Meanwhile the New Zealand economic process that even many Strayans agree is world class, is all  left on a bench top to be spoilt by the fly carried bacteria of socialism that has been revealed as never succeeding anywhere, but only because its promoters didn't quite do it right.

Two ticks Blue and a protest handed to Winston First will set NZ back, how far only determined by how long the roller coaster ride lasts, perhaps Health and Safety need to reinspect the structure with a review of the "licence" meanwhile I have invested in popcorn retailing.

Monday, October 9, 2017


I'm off to Brisbane tomorrow to attend ALLAF2017 ... The Australasian Liquor Licensing Authorities Forum ... as part of the New Zealand delegation.

Will miss the announcement of the new Labour/NZF/Greens government as I will be in conference session.

Back next week when no doubt I'll have something to say.

'Faaaaaarrrk' Said The Crow

Two headlines today I thought I never would see:

"The Wind Is Settled"


"No More Subsidies or Targets For Renewables"

The first headline should send the share price of wind farm scamsters plunging.  It appears the speed of the earth's surface winds has been steadily slowing for decades by way of a phenomenon known as 'stilling.'

Pardon me while I laugh my arse off.

Stilling?    Really?   All under the radar for so long and nobody has been able to pin this one onto CO2 emissions?

The second headline refers to an Australia government decision to phase out subsidies for renewable energy.  And not before time.

All of which reminds me of a 1970s TV personality, one Graham Kennedy.  Unlike today's papiermache models, comedians in the good old days were genuinely funny and Kennedy was one of the best.

Image result for graham kennedy

Legend has it he bet one of his mates he could say 'fuck' on live television and be neither bleeped nor reprimanded.   He introduced an apparently serious segment on native bird calls with commentary and when he got to the ubiquitous black crow, the commentary went something like this:-

"If you listen carefully you can almost hear the crow speaking.

Faaaaarrrk!    Faaaaaarrk! said the crow.

He lost the bet but his mate paid up anyway.

Here's the official version:-

 The infamous crow call. On March 3, 1975, on the first night of his new Graham Kennedy Show on Nine, Kennedy uttered the word "faaark" on a live advertisement for Cedel hairspray. This inspired about a thousand calls of complaint from viewers. Kennedy later claimed this was merely his trademark crow call, something he'd performed on air several times over the last 10 years. After receiving a warning letter from Myles Wright of the broadcasting control board, Kennedy responded the following week by asking the studio audience to give his critics a mass crow call. They did so with gusto. A week later, Kennedy was banned from performing live to air.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


at the hounding of a dead man who cannot answer back.   I refer to the statement by the Wilshire Police last week that former UK Prime Minister, Sir Edward Heath, should have been interviewed regarding the alleged rape of an 11 year old boy in 1961 ... an allegation that was investigated by the Metropolitan Police in 2015 and no action taken.   The Wilshire Police said Sir Edward should have been interviewed over this but that no inference of guilt should be taken from this statement. 

 FFS ... he died in 2005 ... ten years before the matter was investigated.

This all stems from an article in the Daily Mirror, a 'high class' tabloid (choke) which cited letters from a convicted child sex abuser (sent from prison) alleging that more than 50 years before he had been picked up and driven to Sir Edward's home and raped.    It was the most serious of the charges that led the Wiltshire Police in 2015 to launch Operation Conifer to look into allegations of historic child sex abuse.

 In their report the Wiltshire Police declined to say whether it had any evidence to support the allegations other than the allegations themselves.   They did however say they had evidence which undermined the accounts of people who accused Sir Edward and stressed in their report that no-one should conclude that the former Prime Minister was a child abuser.

Look, I have no way of knowing the truth of the matter.   But to investigate a man ten years after his death when he cannot answer back is simply political correctness beyond the pail ... and yes, he was unmarried ... and so was James Buchanan, 15th President of the United States; Julia Gillard, 27th Prime Minister of Oz; Elizabeth the First; MacKenzie King and RB Bennett, both Prime Ministers of Canada; Francois Hollande, 24th president of France and Dame Eugenia Charles, Prime Minister of Dominica 1980-95 ... so what.


Saturday, October 7, 2017

Well, that was a pretty good day

Rained, so I didn't have to do any work around the place.  Splashed out on a box of Panhead Supercharger and a bottle of Rabbit Range pinot noir.  Also, Labour/Green took two seats off National and Golriz Gahrahman made it into Parliament.  Score!


Nine years ago a newbie PM launched a program to create a country wide network of cycleways to fit in with an image of adventure tourism and budget tourism along with a rapidly expanding culture around 'mountain bikes'.

So many panned it as a brainfart from a rich prick struggling to relate to ordinary New Zealanders.

Today there are vast areas of the country now accessible for the fitter amongst us as Key's dream continues to expand, along with thousands of eco tourism aficionados.
Possibly a main  progenitor for Key's dream came with the well established Central Otago Rail Trail that opened up along the now disused rail embankment that ran from Middlemarch to Clyde in a semicircular route around what is generally referred to as The Maniatoto.
A challenging four day trip that has seen renewal of social fabric of once declining places with quaint names, Ophir, Ranfurly, Oterehua, Wedderburn, Kyburn, Naseby, St Bathans, and many others either on the trail or adjacent and worth exploring.
Bridges, tunnels and spectacular scenery make for an experience apparelled calling on places that reflect  once very economically active settlements driven largely by Gold..

Nine years on and there is minimal discussion as the network continues to expand. Mt Cook to the Sea at Oamaru, Little River rail trail and many others.

In a typical me too reaction many urban territorial authorities have embarked on similar Cycle Ways in built up areas with very little actual provision of safe space within which to create a special mayhem. Streets that were always too narrow had "lanes" created in total ignorance of safety and congestion but being typical mentally challenged as to what might be a practical creation, death traps proliferate.

Urban cycle ways are for a  different clientele on bikes capable of speeds too fast for safe use amongst traffic that creates it's own special danger, yet those who rubbished Key's good idea are now silent or worse they are  mini-me's who wish to make endangerment  cycling a new activity that too often is really plain stupidity. Of course because it is largely being promoted by socialist idiot  trougher local councilors, criticism is never to be heard.


That was quite some game of rugby last night in Christchurch which saw the 'Naki' lift the 'shield' 55-43 after coming from 7-31 down and scoring an unanswered 30 odd points midway through the game.

Methinks there would have been copious amounts of the amber stuff imbibed at various establishments 'round the mountain' last night and again today when the shield arrives back in New Plymouth.

And yes, proud to be a boy from the Naki.

Friday, October 6, 2017


Joseph Goebbels worked on the principle that if you're going to tell a lie then you make sure its a big one because more people will believe a big lie than a little lie.

It is entirely a moot whether NZ First would have made it back into parliament had they not gone big on their promise to hold a referendum on the future of the Maori seats.   That promise was endorsed as a reason to vote NZF by the single issue group 'Hobson's Choice'; by Cam Slater's 'Whaleoil' and by individuals like ex National Party leader Don Brash.   

There is no doubt in my mind that single promise persuaded many voters to go with/stay with NZF despite their polling trajectory going south.

For the record I repeat the promise (taken from the NZ First website ... amazing it's still there) ... "Māori don’t need the Māori seats. They don’t need tokenism. That is why we commit to a referendum of all electors to retain or abolish the Māori seats".

Unequivocal ... we commit to ... yet within hours of the provisional result being announced there was Winston backing away from the commitment and attempting to muddy the waters by saying the demise of the Maori Party meant they needed to rethink the issue.   For c*********s Winston, honest up and stop treating the electorate as dumb.   Your commitment had nothing to do with the fortunes of the Maori Party.   It was all about the Maori seats per se and reneging on your promise was to facilitate  the clearing of the decks so that you could cosy up to St Jacinda who had already made it clear that the referendum question was off the table (as she had to).

This time next week we will have a Labour/NZF/Greens 'progressive' government and this time in three years (or sooner) NZ First will be consigned to the dustbin of history simply because voters will not forget or excuse Winston's Goebbells lie.